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Helsinki Beer Tour is the best way to experience the brewery scene in Helsinki. You make the schedule, we provide everything you need for a great tour! No tickets are sold on this site, but you can find all the information for a great self-guided tour from here!
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Our tour locations are all located in the City of Helsinki – most of them at downtown!
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Perhon Panimo

Perho Brewery is a real artisanal brewery. We’re brewing about 2500 litres of beer yearly.

Perho Brewery’s beers are handcrafted mostly from local produce. We’re founded in 1995, our boiling capacity is 120 litres and brewing capacity 540 litres. The brewery also acts as an educational brewery for students of Perho Culinary School. Our beers are made by students with the help and knowledge from their teachers.


Il Birrificio

Brewery & Eatery in the heart of Helsinki. We have 12 taps from which 4 our own brews. Selection varies almost daily. We also serve lunch, snacks to go with beer, dinner and brunch + quality coffee!

Teerenpeli Panimo & Tislaamo

Teerenpeli Brewery & Distillery is a craft brewery founded in 1995 in Lahti. We’re known for our fresh and tasty beverages, like Onnenpekka and Laiskajaakko beers, and Lempi Blueberry Cider.

Teerenpelin panimo logo

Solmu Brewery

Solmu Brewery is a micro brewery located in Suomusjärvi Finland. We are dedicated to brewing hand crafted, flavour rich beers the traditional way.

Stadin Panimobaari

Stadin Panimon is a bar focused on brewing and importing craft beers.


Ohrana Krouvi Panimo

Cellar brewery and bar in Kaartinkaupunki district in the middle of Helsinki. We’re just 5 minutes walk from Central Railway Station. Tasty beers and ciders from our own brewery are served with salty snacks.

Fat Lizard Brewing co.

Restaurant Fat Lizard is an easygoing restaurant just behind the corner from Otaniemi metro station. Or to be exact, opposite of it. We believe in carefully crafted, honest food.



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